On Monday afternoon Boys and Girls Club of America officially returned to Ardmore. Currently the program is only open to students at Jefferson Elementary. However, Area Director Amy Miller said the organization is looking at this as a pilot program that may expand into other schools.
“Right now we’re trying it here to see how it’s going to go at this school,” Miller said. “There are other after-school programs serving kids in our community, but there is still a need here. These kids don’t go to another after-school program, so this is an opportunity for them to get some help on their homework and have some other enrichment programs.”
Miller said that because this program is brand new, they are still working on plans for their curriculum. Assisting her with these plans are four faculty members from the school. Third grade teachers Dawn Monroe and Beth Pierce, along with paraprofessionals Valisa Booker and Adam Morris, are also working with the program.
“The possibilities of what we can offer really are endless,” Miller said. Potential ideas include programs on internet and smart phone safety.  Miller said that she is also interested in partnering with other after-school programs already being offered by the school such as archery and a STEM project. She also wants to get the children involved in community service.
Most importantly, Miller said she wants the program to reflect the children’s interests and needs.
“I’ll try to bring in the things they like because we want to get to know this group of kids, tailor the program for them, and change it as they change,” Miller said. “We’re here for the school. We’re here for the parents. We’re here for the kids and what their needs are.”
Albert Morris will serve as unit director and is excited to be a part of the program. He said he’s looking forward to seeing how the children will learn and grow from the things they learn at Boys and Girls Club.
“It’s great that these kids will have somewhere to be after school,” Morris said. “Being a part of it is pretty awesome.”