Dickson students are serving others once again with the district’s second CARE week.
CARE, which stands for Comets Acting Responsibly Everywhere, is a series of service projects organized by the Dickson Student Council. Students spent the week donating blood, making blankets for children in need and raising money.
Jaci Davidson and Michalah Casbeer, both student council junior officers, volunteered for the all-day blood drive on Thursday.
“Even if you’re not involved in student council, you can still volunteer,” Davidson said.
This year, student council set up a game night with movies and popcorn in the cafeteria on Tuesday night. They also added a wall in the high school where students could post encouraging messages to each other throughout the week.
“I think it’s a really good source of inspiration,” Casbeer said. “It’s more colorful this year, we have more banners and posters in the hallway and it really catches your eye.”
Danielle Bookelaar designed a Snapchat filter to spread the word.
“I made one for my campaign last year to become vice president,” Bookelaar said. “Our advisor, Ms. Lee, put me in charge of getting the word out. We’re teenagers, we use Snapchat all the time, so I thought it was a good idea.”
Students aimed to donate 58 units of blood. Connor Boren volunteered to oversee the blood drive from start to finish. He and other volunteers showed up early to help set up, then he spent the day delegating tasks.
“We’ve been texting each other to stay in contact and running all over campus,” Boren said.
Students kept the line moving, fetched students from class when it was their turn to donate, wrote passes for students to get back to class and kept the drive running smoothly.
They also manned the snack table and made sure donors ate before leaving, which is particularly important to a blood drive. Boren said students seemed enthusiastic about the project.
“From a morale standpoint, it’s hard to not support a blood drive,” Boren said. “And of course, it doesn’t hurt to get out of class for a little bit.”