Your group is imprisoned inside a jail cell located on a train and there are whispers of being taken to a medical experimentation facility. Fortunately a friendly guard has delayed departure for one hour to try to help you get to safety. Can you flee before the train departs?
Your group is an elite consortium of thieves trying to steal the world’s most aerodynamic golf ball. You have arranged for a private one-hour viewing and must figure out how to steal the ball before your hour is up and the police arrive? Can you beat the police?
You and your team are a group of detectives trying to get to the bottom of a murder. There are several suspects already in custody, but if you cannot solve the crime in 30 minutes they will all be released. Can you figure out the culprit before everyone is released?
These are some of the scenarios facing visitors at Urban Escape Rooms, a new escape room facility located in downtown Ardmore. Scotty Baxter is the owner and he said he’s been a fan of escape rooms since he visited his first in 2014.
“I’m competitive and love games, so it was right up my alley,” Baxter said. “I really wanted to bring this to Ardmore because we really need something else to do. I’ve been in the process for about two years trying to get to where I could get one set up.”
Baxter said the rooms vary in levels of difficulty. The easiest rooms have a 30 to 40 percent success rate, while the most difficult room has a success rate of only 20 to 25 percent. Baxter said that the more escape rooms you try, the less difficult they become. The clues just seem to “click” more.
“If you’ve never done one, you don’t know what to look for,” Baxter said. “You don’t know how they work. That’s why we usually suggest you start with the 30 minute room. You’re either going to get out or you’ll get really close. Once you get that you’ll know what to look for in our 60 minute rooms.
All rooms are monitored via closed circuit television and game masters are there to give hints or nudge you in the right direction. Baxter said this can be helpful to those new to escape rooms.
“We feel it out,” Baxter said. “You kind of know with the group that’s going in because we ask them if they’ve ever done one before. So we’re going to give a group that’s inexperienced more hints, especially if they are really close to something.”
Baxter also wanted to clear up the misconception that players are literally locked inside a room.
“For safety reasons we allow at least one door to be unlocked at all times,” Baxter said. “A lot of people worry about that. They’ll say, what if there’s a fire or what if I need to use the bathroom.”
The cost for each 60 minute room is $25 per person and 30 minute rooms are $15 per person. However, special discounts can be negotiated for larger groups. The minimum number of players per room is two people and the maximum number is eight.