A $1,770,000 construction bond and a $55,000 transportation bond will be up for Sulphur voters’ consideration next week.
The first proposition would provide funding for a new roof for Sulphur Public Schools’ intermediate building, new flooring at the high school and bathroom renovations throughout the campus. The second would purchase a small bus for school activities. Sulphur Superintendent Paula Crawford said the school does not currently own a vehicle like this, and the purchase is a practical one.
“You can drive it as long as you have a regular driver’s license and a good driving record,” Crawford said. “So, a cheer or choir sponsor can take a small group somewhere.”
Right now, only a few faculty members are licensed to drive school buses, which have poorer gas mileage than a smaller vehicle would. Crawford said pulling a faculty member from class to drive a bus to events is impractical, especially when a smaller vehicle would suffice.
“This way, a sponsor can take their own students somewhere when they need to,” Crawford said.
The intermediate building was built in 1972 and its roof has never been replaced. Presently, it has multiple leaks and has been patched many times. If passed, the building bond will raise about $830,000 for the roof, $890,000 for the restrooms and and $50,000 for the flooring.
“We have leaks all over the building,” Crawford said.
Crawford said the propositions must be split because equipment bonds can’t last more than five years, while improvement bonds tend to be longer, closer to 10. She said the district predicts there will be no tax increase if the bonds pass because a previous construction bond passed in 2008 will retire this year.
Early voting has already begun, and the election is slated for next Tuesday, Feb. 12.  Crawford said the propositions require a 60 percent supermajority of the vote to pass.