Some local Dickson history will be up for auction to benefit Dickson Public Schools later this spring. 

About a dozen senior class group photos from the 50s and 60s will be up for bid at an auction held by the The Dickson Foundation for Excellence, a community organization affiliated with the district. Every year, the foundation holds an auction and dinner, usually called the Spring Fling, now renamed Teacher Relief. Dickson High School Principal Matt Krimmer said money raised at events like these go back into a fund for teachers, so they can apply for grants or purchase supplies. 

“It’s kind of tailed off, with the number of people who’ve come out,” Krimmer said. “One of the things we thought people might be interested is old senior class photos.” 

The photos were originally on display at Dickson High School, but the originals didn’t fit into the new flippable display frames the school uses for newer class photos. Krimmer said the school had the originals digitally copied and rearranged, so they can fit in with the newer photos. 

“They’ve been redone and reprinted, so we have the originals, but nowhere to really put them,” Krimmer said. 

Krimmer said foundation members were looking for an interesting addition to the annual event around the same time the school was considering what to do with the pictures. 

“We always wanted to find a way to get them back out to the community,” Krimmer said. “We’re not just giving them out, the money goes back to the school, and we have digital copies.” 

Krimmer said the flippable panels are located near the new wing of the high school building, something he said was a deliberate choice. 

“Part of the reason I redid the senior panels and put them where they are is that I wanted to tie the old part of the school into the new part,” Krimmer said. “There’s a history here. We want to let people know we’re good stewards of the history of the school.”