For guests of Carousel Productions, the evening of Mar. 2, will be filled with laughter and magic. For one evening only magician Michael Misko will be performing his stand-up comedy magic.

“My old adage is, if it doesn’t fit under the seat in front of me on the plane, it’s not in my show,” Misko said. “Don’t expect any Bengal tigers, and I’m not going to be cutting anyone in half. It’s just going to be good old fashioned night club stand-up comedy magic.”

Miso said he first became fascinated with magic at the age of six after seeing his grandfather perform a trick. He then did his first paid show at the age of 12.

After getting his degree in musical theater performance, magic took a back seat to acting, and Misko only performed 10 to 15 magic performances a year, but all that changed in early 2015.

“Princess Cruises posted an audition saying they were doing a collaboration with Stephen Schwartz,” Misko said. “It was a review of all of his work called ‘Magic to do,’ and the main character was called the Magic Maker.”

Misko said the role called for someone equal part theater performer and equal part magician.

“I looked at that and I went no way. That’s not real. They don’t need me, but they did,” Misko said.

Misko said he created the role for the cruise line and the show is still running on three of Princess Cruises’s 18 ships. He has been doing magic ever since.

Last summer Misko was in Ardmore to help teach students some magic for Brass Ring’s production of Pippin, a musical created by Stephen Schwartz.”

Nick Gelona of Carousel Productions said Misko will actually be doing two performances. The first show will be at 6:30 p.m. and tickets will cost $20. For those wanting a more immersive performance, there will be 30 VIP tickets available for $75.

“That will include both shows, and in between both shows there will be a free dinner at Cafe Alley,” Gelona said. “After the first show everyone will make their way over to the Gelona Room at Cafe Alley.”

Gelona said that Cafe Alley has created a special menu for the evening but that alcohol would not be included in the $75 VIP ticket.

Misko said the second performance will be performed up close.

“After dinner they’ll come back to the stage where we’ll have a bunch of chairs set up around the table, and I will do close up magic for just over an hour,” Misko said. “Basically it’s 52 cards, my two hands, and it’ll all be happening right under your nose.”

Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling the box office at (580) 226-9278 beginning on February 25. To see some of Misko’s work, visit his Facebook page at

Gelona said that a portion of the money raised will go towards bringing more Carousel Productions to Ardmore in the future.

“We’re still in the process of trying to bring Carousel back,” Gelona said. “One of the things we’re really wanting to do with it other than our own shows is to be able to bring in people and things that you don’t normally get in Ardmore.”