Thursday afternoon the residents of Lakeland Manor gathered for their sixth annual Valentine’s Day Apple of our Eye pie eating contest, and though things did not quite go as planned everyone ended up having a great time.
Kimela Plugge, social services and activities director, said that typically contestants of the pie eating contest are composed of a representative of the Ardmore Fire Department, the Ardmore Police Department, the Carter County Sheriff’s Department and the Southern Oklahoma Ambulance Service. However this year none were able to attend.
“I did know that the police department had something going on today, but they were going to try very hard to have someone here,” Plugge said,  addressing the residents. “The fire department was also supposed to be here, and I even know who was supposed to eat the pie, but you just don’t know when a fire is going to happen. With the ambulance service, God forbid anything has happened, but you never know when they are going to be needed.”
Plugge said the event also typically has local cheerleaders in attendance but they were also unable to attend.
“This year, with the flu going around, and the schools being closed last week, there’s just so many of them still out, we were unable to get any cheerleaders,” Plugge said.
Despite the usual guests being unable to attend, the festivities proceeded with R.B. Walker and Zena McCraw being crowned Valentine’s Day king and queen. Plugge said the pair were selected by both facility employees and other residents of the facility.
When it came time for the pie eating contest, facility employees and visitors stepped up to the plate to see who could eat the most single serving apple pies. In the end Operations Director Kara Aycox won the competition after eating three and a half apple pies in five minutes.
Once the competition was over, there were still plenty of apple pies to go around, so all the residents who wanted one had their own pie to celebrate the holiday.