Local artist brings Baroque beauty into a corporate world

To walk into the BlueMoon Salon and Boutique is to be transported into an eclectic world of art and whimsy. The floor is a painted swirl of blues. The ceiling is a grid of rustic exposed beams. Baroque antique furniture is juxtaposed with aged, shabby chic pieces. And the entire space is filled with art. 

The space very much reflects the personality of proprietor Kellie Welch. In addition to her work as a hair stylist, she spends much of her time creating art in a multitude of mediums, and she finds inspiration everywhere. 

“Inspiration is like magic,” Welch said. “You never know where it’s going to come from. Sometimes you have to seek it out. Sometimes you have to dig deep inside yourself, and sometimes it’s from external sources.”

One external source of inspiration for Welch comes from the found art movement.

“I love that, where you take something old and bring it into something new so that nothing ever really loses its purpose. It’s just repurposed,” Welch said. “I like the challenge of starting with something that’s, say, paper, wire and glue. Now I’m finding supplies everywhere in all things instead of simply ‘art supplies.’”

Welch’s work includes metal working, textiles, painting and cabinetry. One of her favorite mediums, however, is paper mache. 

“It just captured my heart like nothing else,” Welch said. “I found a medium where I was able to make anything I could think of.”

Currently, Welch is working on a paper mache dollhouse she described as “under construction.” While the exterior is complete, she plans on filling in with paper mache furniture, curtains and accessories. She is also working on a paper mache circus. The bigtop is complete and it is currently occupied by an elephant and a giraffe. She is planning on adding to the menagerie.

“One of my favorite things is animals with clothes on, as quirky as that is,” Welch said. “I love to bring the personification to an animal and an emotion that humans have.”

Welch hopes that all of her work will help bring connections between people.

“I love the way that art connects people,” Welch said. “All different genres of people can come together through art. I hope to continue that.”

Her YouTube Channel, “BlackBird Atelier,” is one way Welch fosters connections. She currently has six videos but plans to continue creating new content.

“Right now they are instructional videos, but more about artwork,” Welch said. “The videos themselves, I try to make into art work.”

Currently the videos are time lapse footage of her work with art journaling but she is hoping to begin a series on cabinetry and woodworking. 

“I’m still exploring what the YouTube channel is to me. In one aspect it’s about education and connectivity to other people, but it can also be a legacy that you leave.” Welch said. “If YouTube is around years from now and I’m not, I might have left something that can continue.”

Welch said she is not sure where her artistic endeavors will take her, however she is open to the ride.

“I’m open to whatever the path is,” Welch said. “I’ve learned to be open to what is coming and what is unfolding instead of sticking to the plan. It’s better that way! The energy you put out there is going to be bounced around between opportunities. It closes doors and opens doors. If you’re not looking at your journey like it’s fun, then you’re probably going to have a hard time.”

To see more of Welch’s work, visit her Facebook page www.facebook.com/bluemoonsalonardmoreok or check out her Youtube channel “BlackBird Atelier.”