Ardmore is growing in every direction, and construction can be seen all over town. On 12th Ave. N.W., the new location for Burger King is now underway, and near Veterans Blvd. and N. Commerce, the construction process for Atwoods Ranch & Home is gearing up.
Atwoods specializes in farm and ranch supplies, and their store will sell a variety of items ranging from tools and animal feed to gardening supplies and even clothes.
According to Community Services Director Jessica Scott, both businesses plan on being complete by the end of the year.
“Last year was a big year for construction, and I think this year is going to be another big one,” Scott said.
Scott also said that Panda Express has recently received their building permit, and will likely begin construction soon. Panda Express will be located on 12th Ave. N.W. near Rockford Road.