They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. But where does that leave coworkers?
Currently, the dispatchers at the Ardmore Police Department are working close together, but a new renovation project will soon give them twice the space.
APD Communications Manager Heather Wofford said that in addition to making a larger dispatch area, the renovation project will also create a break room for dispatchers.
“The remodel will consist of renovating the office that is currently mine and the empty one next to it,” Wofford said. “We’re going to knock all the walls down, it will open the area up. This will give dispatch a much more enjoyable work environment because they won’t be so close together.”
Wofford said that in addition to more space, they will also receive upgraded furniture and sound dampening boards.
“The consoles are going to be a U-shaped,” Wofford said. “They can personalize their space and they won’t be talking over one another so much. The sound dampening boards will go up behind their spaces, and it will make it much easier for them to hear their radios.”
Purchasing Coordinator Kristi McElroy said that due to the age of the building,  a large portion of the project would consist of upgrading the electrical work in that area. She added that though there have been other minor renovations and repairs done to the Ardmore municipal building over the years, it has never been through any major renovation process.
“It was originally built in 1937 at a cost of $19,412.50,” McElroy said.