Long-term construction projects are getting closer to completion while new projects will soon get underway.
When Ardmore’s mayor and board of commissioners met Thursday morning for the city’s annual winter retreat, key items on the agenda focused on the Market Street project and the Commerce Street projects currently being built by developer Burke Collins.
City Manager J.D. Spohn was even able to give a projected opening date for Academy Sports and Outdoors.
“Academy is supposed to open on April 17 if everything goes as planned,” Spohn said. “They already have 65 semis loaded up with equipment headed our way.”
To facilitate the expected increase in traffic, commissioners also approved a new stoplight for the west intersection of Walnut Drive. and 12th Street NW. The new traffic light will include left turn lanes for traffic headed both east and west down 12th Street.
“Some people are a bit confused because it looked like they were making a drive that didn’t line up with Walnut, but that is only a temporary drive for those semis so Academy can start stocking up their store,” Spohn said.
Spohn said there was still no official word on what grocery store will be coming in to the second phase of the Market Street project but that discussions were underway with two potential candidates.
After discussion of the Market Street project was complete, talk turned to the Commerce Plaza project at the shopping center on the corner of Grand Avenue and North Commerce Street.
In addition to the planned facade and parking lot upgrades, there are plans to add an additional two restaurant pads at the south end of the center.
“They (the Burke Collins Company) have some tenants that they have agreements with,” Spohn said. “So they feel confident that they’ll be able to fill those two restaurant pads or if they aren’t restaurants, the two new pads will be filled with other businesses.”