Every year since 1937, students from across Carter County have come together to demonstrate their skill raising animals. On Wednesday morning, that tradition continues when the 2019 Carter County Junior Livestock Show returns to Hardy Murphy Coliseum.
Todd Graves, a four-year board member of the show, said  this year more than 200 children would show pigs, sheep, goats and cattle.
“This is a year-long endeavor for a lot of these kids,” Graves said. “They raise their animals, keep them fed, then get to show them off.”
Graves knows about the work involved raising animals because over the years, both he and his children have participated in the show.
“I used to show when I was a kid here in Carter County,” Graves said. “Then my kids started showing when they were nine years old. So we’ve been a part of the show for about the past ten years.”
Once the show is over, the top placing animals will be sold in the premium sale auction on Friday evening.
“Out of each species that’s shown, a certain percentage of them will make the sale based on how they place,” Graves said. “The kids get to keep 100 percent of the money their animal sells for.”
Graves said that this year the auctioneers will receive a special honor.
“We dedicate the show to people who have always helped us out in years past,” Graves said. “This year, we have dedicated the show to Barry Teel and Larry Blankenship. They’ve been our auctioneers during the sale night, so this year we’ve dedicated the show to them.”
Graves said that anyone is welcome to attend.
“There’s not any charge to get in,” Graves said. “Anyone is welcome to come to the judging, the show or look at the exhibits. It really helps support the kids and their work.”
The Carter County Junior Livestock Show will begin at 10 a.m. on Wednesday morning at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum and will run all day every day through Friday. Friday evening the Buyer’s Reception will begin at 5 p.m. and the sale will take place at 6:30 p.m. For the full schedule and more information visit www.ccjlsok.com.