For one local district, seeking grant funding has become a job unto itself.
The Ardmore City Schools board of education voted to hire a grant writer to pursue, write and manage grants for the district, something that has become a taxing task for administrators. Superintendent Kim Holland said the position would be important, as the district is going to start pursuing more grants for funding.
“We don’t think the state of Oklahoma is going to bail us out and provide the money we need to run our programming the way we want to,” Holland said.
The position would pay between $15,000 and $20,000. The district has about eight active grants from various local foundations, through the federal government or through other organizations. Holland writes the majority, though other employees sometimes do as well for their specific programs.
“I’ve been thinking of doing it for about two and a half years,” Holland said.
Some grant applications are more labor intensive than others. Some are short, while others, like a fine arts grant the district will soon apply for, has an application that’s 1,000 pages long.
Finance Director Kelly Shannon gave a budget update during the meeting, citing concerns about next year’s operational costs despite the district’s efforts to budget conservatively.  
“We’ve got to have other revenue sources to be able to function,”  Shannon said during the meeting. “I don’t want to bring gloom and doom, because we’re still hopeful, but just know it will be a challenge next year. It is reality.”
The school board also voted to hire replacements for three school resource officers, previously provided by Ardmore Police Department.
“They said they don’t have any staff showing interest in the job,” Holland said. “They have to have certifications, we can’t just hire someone off the street. They have to be trained so we don’t violate student or parent rights.”