A local church and nonprofit came together for a common cause this week.
First Presbyterian Church in Ardmore presented Heroes With Hope two checks totaling $900 on Tuesday. The nonprofit, best known for organizing Shop With a Cop in Ardmore every year, provides clothing and shoes to area children throughout the year. Heroes With Hope Director Melissa Woolly said the money has no designated purpose yet, but the donation’s timing is helpful.  
“We try to keep money on hand for emergency cases,” Woolly said. “Right now, we seem to have a pretty good stockpile of coats. What we don’t have a stockpile of is shoes, and we get a lot of calls for shoes.”
Along with shoes, socks are another high-demand item for Heroes With Hope. The organization frequently helps provide new socks and underwear to kids, either directly or through area schools. She said for the schools, shoes are a constant concern.
“People have a tendency to buy really small shoes,” Woolly said. “A lot of calls we get are from the middle school and high school, and those are typically the ones we have to buy. So it is nice to have funds on hand for that.”
Woolly said in some cases, foster children sometimes come to Carter County without much clothing to their name. In those cases, Heroes With Hope often jumps in to help.
Lori Hoke, moderator of the deacons at First Presbyterian Church, said one check came from the deacons and the second came from the church’s missions and benevolence group. She said the church typically makes two donations a year to community organizations around Christmas.
“A lot of people don’t realize these kids are leaving for school at 7 in the morning,” Hoke said. “It’s cold. A lot of us are still in bed.”
First Presbyterian Pastor Craig King, a retired police officer himself, said he personally felt connected to the nonprofit.