For the last few years, Davis has been making the school day a little easier on students with clothing resources at their schools. 

Carrie Truver, the Davis Public Schools business manager, has been operating the closet for about two years now. The closet started with lost and found items that were never claimed, which Truver and the custodial staff laundered and used to start the closet. 

“It’s kind of grown from there,” Truver said. “It was something I took on, and it literally started in a closet.” 

The closet carries shoes, clothing, coats, and formal wear when prom season is approaching. They also accept donations of new underwear and socks. Items are divided between the elementary, middle and high schools. Truver said it’s common for elementary teachers to need clothing for students who have accidents, and having clothing on hand is faster than calling home. 

At the middle and high school things are a bit different. Some teachers keep racks of clothing in their rooms instead of designating one clothing closet. Truver said the intention is to prevent students from feeling singled out simply for asking for help. 

“It’s kind of hard to get middle and high school students to come to a clothing closet,” Truver said. “Racks in rooms were more approachable.”  

Truver said Davis doesn’t have many homeless students. For most students, the closet’s main purpose for older kids is to help them out of jams, whether it’s stepping in mud on the way to school or needing a coat during unseasonably cold weather. 

“We try to have nicer, gently used items,” Truver said. “I want them to feel undivided amongst their peers, so they feel they fit in a little more.”  

Truver said community awareness of the clothes closet has grown over time, and donations are frequent. She said when she requests specific items, people are quick to donate them. She said for now, the closet carries mostly clothing, though they sometimes receives items like toothbrushes and toothpaste, and isn’t set up to carry toiletries in bulk.