When the Marietta City Council met Tuesday evening, they began with two public hearings. The first concerned the annexation of land for the Love County Justice Center, while the second would have rezoned a piece of land from commercial to industrial to allow a medical marijuana processing facility.
Nobody spoke either for or against the annexation of land for the Justice Center. The plan will annex approximately 30 acres of land and was drawn up by Marietta City Attorney Richard A. Cochran, Jr. State statutes require that the county jail be located within the county seat, and by approving this ordinance the new facility will be within the law.
The motion to approve passed unanimously.
During the second public hearing, property owner Justin Machacek, of Ft. Worth, Texas, spoke in favor of rezoning the land which currently houses an old, unused gymnasium. He said the low profile of the building along with the cement walls and high windows would make the property ideal for a medical marijuana processing facility.
“The building is in significant disrepair,” Machacek said. “It needs a lot of work. There would be no disturbance to the surrounding residents, and we’d keep everything down and secure.”
He said that if allowed to open, they would have employed six to 10 locals for building repairs.
No one spoke in opposition to the rezoning, and City Manager Dustin Scott said there were no letters of objection received from any nearby residents concerning rezoning.
Mayor Kimberly Fraire said that though the property is currently zoned commercial, the land directly to the south and west are zoned residential. Another council member stated that even though Machacek’s business might be quiet and not disturb any residents, by rezoning the property to industrial, the next occupant could be something noisy.
One council member made a motion to approve the request, however there was no second given. The motion failed for lack of a second.