There are many traits that go into creating a successful cheer team.

Editors Note: This is the first in a series profiling the finalists for the 2019 Cheerleader of the Year award, which will be announced at the Best of the Arbuckles Preps banquet in May. 

There are many traits that go into creating a successful cheer team.

Discipline, intelligence, and hard work are just a few that come to mind.

But beneath the success of the Plainview Lady Indians varsity cheer team lies multiple individuals who helped lay the groundwork, one of which is senior Deryn Hobbs. 

Hobbs knows all about intelligence, as she carries a 4.14 GPA as well as having scored a 30 on her ACT. She’s also the salutatorian for the Class of 2019, as well as being a two-time state academic champion on the Plainview cheer team.

“Cheer has shaped by whole high school experience for the better,” Hobbs said. “It’s been an outlet for positivity, and it’s given me the chance to share a lot of memories with a great group of girls. Having such an amazing coach who has held me accountable has been great. It’s gotten me involved in high school in ways I never thought possible, for that I’m very thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given.”

As for discipline and hard work, her athletic resume speaks for itself as she has been a four year member of the Lady Indians cheer team, along with being a two year member of the Lady Indians cross country team as well as competing for the track team.

She was also named as an All-Region Selection this past year in individual cheer, and is also an All-American cheerleader. 

“It’s all about time management,” Hobbs said about her acommplishments. 

“Grades come first, but then when you go to cheer you are expected to work hard. It’s the same for any other activity, you are expected to have a good attitude. Cheer has given me an outlet to maintain my positive outlook through everything no matter what the situation is.”

Through her dedication, Hobbs has been able to be apart of two state runner-up teams in track, as well as the 2017 Lady Indians state champion cross country squad under the guidance of coach Jerry Naylor and Kelly Gordon. 

“All of my coaches have poured into me in different ways,” Hobbs said. “They have all expected me to do hard things. Miss Wendy (Russell) had this expectation of us to do hard things in cheer. But she wanted our best to empower the squad, because cheer is an empowering sport, not just for the squad but for women in general.”

As for the future, Hobbs plans on attending college and studying biology with the hope of being an optometrist, or possibly an ophthalmologist.

“I just plan to take everything step by step, and to fight for what I want,” Hobbs said. “Just being the best person I can be, and putting my hard work into action is how I plan on being successful in my future.”

“My family has been my number one support group through everything,” Hobbs added. “They have pushed me to go above and beyond, and they have made my accomplishments possible. I’ve never had to go through anything alone, because I’ve always known they are right there beside me.”

With the upcoming Best of the Arbuckles Preps Banquet in May, Hobbs also said she would view being named as the Cheerleader of the Year as not just an award, but an opportunity.

“It would be amazing, and such a great position to take on,” she said. “To represent the cheer community as a whole, would be an amazing opportunity. Cheerleaders don’t just wave on the sidelines, we work long hours and put in tons of hard work. To me, winning the award would help prove to people what we do is serious, and it’s tough.”