Writing a novel takes both inspiration and months of writing and revision in order to transcribe that inspiration onto the page. After the novel is complete, finding a publisher takes even more commitment and dedication. Local author Rachel M. Cramer has done all of the above. 

Since 2009, she has been working on bringing her story to life, and her first novel, “Trapping the Butterfly” has now been in print for two months. From 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. this Saturday she will be signing her novel and discussing her work at Anime City in Ardmore. 

Cramer said that this novel is actually the first in what she hopes will be a series of 10 novels. She has already written the first seven books, and she gave a general overview of the series.

“It’s a fantasy along the lines of King Arthur or Lord of the Rings,” Cramer said. “It takes place in several kingdoms. They are all on the same continent, but they are very different from each other, and many of them are enemies.”

“Trapping the Butterfly” focuses on two of those kingdoms and tells the story of two orphaned boys undertaking a series of adventures. Ultimately, these adventures allow them to discover more about themselves and the world around them.

“It’s your basic story about the strong pressuring the weak, and the weak resenting the strong,” Cramer said.

One thing this story does not involve, however, is magic. Instead, one of the major components is ink, but Cramer teased the ink is not really ink at all.

“I didn’t want do a magic book because I think that’s been done. Vampires have been done. I wanted to do something that gives strength and mysterious abilities, but I didn’t want it to be something that everybody has already read before,” Cramer said.

Cramer also teased that the names of the major characters all have special meaning and that they relate in some way to the character. She also begins every chapter with a quote from either a poem, author, and in some instances politicians. 

“I like to get one that ties in just right with the chapter,” Cramer said. 

In fact, the title of the novel comes from a poem by Alexander Pope that asks ‘who breaks a butterfly on a wheel.”

“Really, that quote is what inspired the story, the idea of people being cruel enough to break a butterfly on a wheel,” Cramer said. She added that even though this novel appears to have nothing to do with a butterfly, the connection will ultimately be revealed as the series progresses.

Cramer said she has always loved reading and that she began writing when she was 14 years old. She hopes her book will encourage others to read more.

“I’m hoping with this book that I can encourage other people to read because I’m a big reader,” Cramer said. “I believe that education comes through reading, so I’m hoping to bring reading to this generation.”

She said that she hopes the upcoming book signing will bring people together and spark conversation.

“They can meet me, and I can meet them. I’ll talk about the book and a bit about the next ones which I’m hoping to get published as well” Cramer said.

A limited quantity of “Trapping the Butterfly” will be available for purchase at the book signing. However, Cramer said the book can be purchased online from websites like Amazon and Ebay. The novel is also available in eBook format from Amazon Kindle.