MADILL — While Madill’s Eunice Martinez might have been late getting to the cheer party in her high school career, she’s certainly made the most of her opportunity.

Editors Note: This is part of a series profiling the finalists for the 2019 Cheerleader of the Year award, which will be announced at the Best of the Arbuckles Preps banquet in May. 

MADILL — While Madill’s Eunice Martinez might have been late getting to the cheer party in her high school career, she’s certainly made the most of her opportunity.

Martinez, who will walk the stage this May as a graduate of the Class of 2019, will have spent only her senior season suiting up for the Lady Wildcats cheer team, but she says the experience was one she won’t soon forget. 

“It was really fun, and I really liked getting to support all the teams with everyone,” she said. “Cheering on our own teams has always been fun for me. It was my friend Daisy (Rosas) who convinced me to tryout and I wanted to do something different for my senior year, so I decided to just go for it.”

“Cheer has helped make me a more positive person,” Martinez said. “Before I became a cheerleader I was super shy, and now I’m a lot more outgoing and able to be more involved with people and help be that positive influence for them.”

There was little doubt though that Martinez could handle the physical aspect of cheer, as she has been working hard for the Lady Wildcats soccer team, where she is the captain and a four-year member.

“Soccer really helped me make a smooth transition to cheer,” Martinez said. “I already knew what hard work was because of my time on the soccer team. Already being in shape helped, and I was just motivated to be the best at cheer.” 

On top of her athletic achievements though, Martinez still manages to hold a solid 3.96 GPA as well as being a member of the National Honor Society, and Upward Bound through Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant. 

She is also a member of the Service Learning Class, as well as a Vacation Bible School teacher, youth group member, and Sunday school volunteer at Iglesia Bautista Nueva Vida. She has also been a volunteer at Camp Church WOW as well as volunteering for Samaritan’s Purse Operation. 

“It’s kinda hard sometimes, because everyone looks up to you,” Martinez said about her numerous activities. “You have to be smiling, because the little kids are always watching you. Having an attitude and being moody is not an option when you want to be a role model in the community.”

“School work has to be done before other activities,” Martinez added. “That’s the biggest thing in my life right now. After my school work then comes soccer and cheer. It’s difficult sometimes, but you just have to keep pushing and do your best no matter what it is.” 

As one of only five Madill cheerleaders to ever be named All-Ardmoreite cheer, Martinez has left her mark in more ways than one on her beloved high school. 

Now with the possibility of being named the first ever Cheerleader of the Year, Martinez is ready to embrace anything that comes her way.

“Representing Madill as the Cheerleader of the Year would be such a huge honor for me,” Martinez said. “It would show that all my hard work has paid off. I can’t thank Coach (Traci) Duvak enough for helping me open up and grow as a person this year through cheer, and I’d love to win this for her and for my teammates.” 

Eunice plans to attend East Central University when she graduates.