In the near future, work will begin on a historic building on Main Street and a brand new Dollar General store location on South Commerce.
According to Community Development Director Jessica Scott, the owner of 127 W. Main St. had engineers working last week to determine the best way to move forward with the structure.
“If you look at the west side of the building where there’s stucco, you can see they’ve cut holes to see how deep it is and behind it,” Scott said. They also dug two holes inside the building to check footings and see if there are any other surprises underneath the building.
 “The engineers were just making sure to see everything that’s currently invisible so that we have a status point to find out how to proceed,” Scott said.
According to the engineers findings, both the north and south wall of the building are structurally sound, but the west wall needs some work. Both the city and the owner had engineers look at the building, and everyone is currently waiting on the final reports.
However, there is already a preliminary plan in place. Scott said the building will undergo a process similar to Columbia Crossing, the recently renovated historic building located on Caddo and 2nd Ave. NE.
“That building was not structurally sound, so they had engineers come in and build an interior metal skeleton,” Scott said. “Then they attached the old facade to the exterior.”
This allows the building to retain its historic look while improving safety for everyone in the building. Even if the facade falls, the structure will be sound. Scott said that if reports show that the building’s base needs work it will need to be completed before beginning the process.
Moving away from downtown, Scott said that work should begin soon on a new Dollar General store located on South Commerce between Simply Self Storage and Gifford Monument Works.
 “They’ve already gone through the planning commission for rezoning and platting for the land, Scott said, adding that the company recently completed utility work.
“This is going to be great for all of the people who live along Myall or just outside of town off of Highway 70 and 77” Scott said.
Scott said the new Dollar General will utilize the design model that includes fresh food and produce.