Tiffany Plaza to get a brand new look and name

Ardmore can now add Tiffany Plaza to a growing list of properties scheduled for a facelift. James and Kim Thompson purchased the property at the beginning of the month and have wasted no time getting to work.

“What we’ve started initially is what I consider emergency maintenance. Things like parking lot repair, work on heat and air units and just general maintenance for some of our existing tenants,” Thompson said. “They needed some attention and that’s where our priority has been for the first three weeks.”

Thompson said that major renovations to the facade will begin this week starting in the section occupied by Pho & More and Firstdownphil’s Liquor & Fine Wines. The new facade will combine stucco and stone, and he plans to have the first section complete within approximately three months. 

“This entire facility will have a totally new look. It won’t look like a 1970s property anymore,” Thompson said. “It’s going to look like a new mall when we’re finished.”

He added that they have traveled around the state looking at similar renovation projects to get inspiration for their new look. They examined the things that worked, things that didn’t work, and synthesized all of these ideas in their plans.

In addition to the facade renovations, they also plan on adding more green spaces. This will include more greenery at the entry to the facility and in front of the buildings. The green spaces will come out four to six feet from the existing sidewalk.

With the exception of Orscheln, who will be moving into their own new building late this summer, all of the existing tenants will remain at the facility. They are also working on bringing in new businesses. One new business which will be opening its doors soon will focus on upscale consignment and offer items like Persian rugs and sculptures.

Thompson said that the entire family is excited to be a part of the project. In fact, the night they first went to tour Tiffany Plaza, both of their daughters, their son-in-law and their new grandson came along. Everyone was pitching out ideas and excited about the potential. They plan on renaming the development Thompson Square.

“Ardmore is home for our family,” Thompson said. “This mall has been needing attention for many years, and now we have this huge opportunity to bring it back. That’s what we’re going to do.”