For the last month Dan Luttrell has been a part of the Ardmore Development Authority. In his position as industrial park manager, Luttrell oversees the operations and projects going on at all of Ardmore’s industrial parks.

A native of Edmond, Latrell has 17 years experience within the field of commercial construction. In fact, he first came to Ardmore as project manager over construction of the new Lake Murray Lodge.

“That’s when I first fell in love with Ardmore,” Luttrell said. He added that during this time he also met and fell in love with his wife. The couple have been married for two years now, and he’s excited to help bring more growth to his new home.

“I’m really looking to the beautification of Ardmore,” Luttrell said. “I’m glad to be a part of the projects that will bring business to Ardmore and make it grow.”

He said that while he is stationed at the Ardmore Industrial Airpark, his job takes him all over town.

“This isn’t the only area I oversee,” Luttrell said. “I’m not limited to just what’s going on out here. I’m over all the industrial properties, so that helps me see all the things that are going on around town and in the area.”