High school juniors and seniors at participating schools can get a jumpstart on college soon. 

Concurrent enrollment through Murray State College will reopen soon at the University Center of Southern Oklahoma. Students who enroll can earn high school and college credit concurrently. Paula Henley, director of academic advisement and Ardmore services, said schools currently participate, including Epic Charter School.  

“Murray is always like second or third in the state (for concurrent enrollment),” Henley said. 

In Oklahoma, tuition is waived for participating seniors, but students will still pay fees and must pay for books and supplies. Juniors must pay tuition. 

“We definitely want them to know they’re responsible for fees and books,” Henley said. “We don’t want them to mistakenly believe that’s covered.” 

Henley said while concurrent enrollment is usually high for MSC, the numbers are generally slightly higher in the fall.

“A lot of students will take concurrent classes here and then transfer to larger universities,” Henley said. “Our concurrent population is our lifeline.” 

Core classes like English composition, history and math courses are common choices, but more niche courses like computer applications and sociology are less popular.

“At this day and time, if a student has taken another class like Comp 1, they can substitute it,” Henley said. “Most students coming out of high school are very proficient on the computer.” 

Current concurrent students can start enrolling April 1 and new students start April 8. The final day to add a class is August 16. Students can walk in and enroll at UCSO, located on Mount Washington Road, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

“If a student knows exactly where they want to go, we pull the degree sheet for that college and make sure they’re enrolled in what they need,” Henley said. 

However, she said most concurrent students have not picked a college or major yet. 

“They just know they want to go to college and it depends on scholarships, so we’re not going to enroll students in something that will not transfer,” Henley said.