Streetscape project a month away from substantial completion

Workers on the East Main Streetscape Project have been taking advantage of the recent clear weather to knock out as much work as possible. Assistant City Manager Kevin Boatright said that they are currently pacing well to reach substantial completion by the end of next month.

“When we say substantial completion, that means the majority of the project will be done — all of the hardscape, the asphalt, the concrete and all of that,” Boatright said.

Boatright added that in the time between substantial completion and final completion, workers will be installing park benches, large planters in the median and all of the landscaping. He pointed out that these projects will create minimal traffic and parking disturbance because they will be taking place off the street.

Boaright said that last week workers with OG&E removed all of the telephone poles along Caddo Street and that they will be returning sometime within the next two weeks to install additional new street lights along Caddo and Main Street.

He added that last week workers began working on the roundabout located at the intersection of the two streets. He pointed out a unique feature that will improve safety and aesthetics.

“There is a steel channel in the circle where we’re going to install an LED light,” Boatright said. “It will light up at night, so it will be easier for drivers to identify.”

Boatright said that once everything is more or less complete along Main Street, the city is planning to host an event to allow people to practice their reverse angle parking.

“Once the signage is up and we have everything marked, we’re planning to take a Sunday afternoon, and have that area blocked off,” Boatright said. “We’re going to try to do something educational and fun that will allow them to practice their parking. We hope people will really take advantage of that, and it’ll be a great opportunity for people to practice.”