A common motto often times used in certain situations is “Leave things better than you found them.”

Editors Note: This is part of a series profiling the finalists for the 2019 Cheerleader of the Year award, which will be announced at the Best of the Arbuckles Preps banquet in May. 

A common motto often times used in certain situations is “Leave things better than you found them.”

For Ardmore senior Cambria Packard, she isn’t just leaving the Ardmore Lady Tigers cheer team better than it was during her freshman year, but she is also graduating knowing she has help create a lasting legacy of leadership for future captains to follow. 

“My goal was to always be a good captain when I became a captain,” Packard said. “Having a strong captain helps create a bond for the squad, and helps make things more fun for everyone. I wanted to make sure Ardmore cheer was known for its spirit and hard work. I feel like now that I’m about to graduate, I’ve accomplished those goals for this program.”

During her time as a Lady Tigers cheerleader, Cambria was named as one of a few to earn All-American status. 

On top of her cheer activities, she has also been able to complete her first full semester of college thanks to being concurrently enrolled at Murray State. 

“There was a lot of stress to be honest,” Packard said about completing her college classes. “I just focused and pushed through everything. My mindset was that I needed to push through and just work for everything I wanted. I feel like my story is going to be very well known in my family.”

Cambria will also make more history for herself this fall when she becomes the first member of her family to attend college, where she hopes to possibly cheer as well. 

Packard was very quick to admit that her senior year wouldn’t have been as fulfilling if it hadn’t been for the guidance of head coach Eryn Denewillis. 

“Eryn is like a mom to me,” she said. “She is always the first to pay for something if we need it, and we were able to get brand new uniforms and wind suits this year because of her hard work, and because she went out into the community and helped fund raise for us. I can’t wait to see what she does in the future for this program. She’s the perfect person for this job.”

Cambria now plans to attend the University of Oklahoma, where she will study physical therapy as well as entrepreneurship. Packard credits her own personal experience being an athlete as well as going through therapy herself as the reason for choosing what she wants to study.

“I was always very involved with sports when I was growing up,” she said. “During my cheer career I had a knee injury, and I just got inspired by the work they were doing and wanted to be in their shoes. I really didn’t know how much they help people, until I experienced it myself.” 

With her personal history already achieved, Cambria now has her sights set on making a bigger step forward for her program by earning the first ever Cheerleader of the Year award. 

“Cheer doesn’t get credited for anything,” Packard said. “I feel like we deserve a lot more credit than we have been given. Winning this award would not only make myself and my squad happy, but it would show that we do put in the work, and that it does pay off.”