Another of Ardmore’s vacant and aging buildings is undergoing a complete transformation. The building, 2610 W. Broadway, was once home to the restaurants Pecos Red’s and Polo’s but has been empty since 2011. Owners Rick Campbell and Aubry Harris said part of their motivation for purchasing the building was a desire to revitalize the area and give it a nicer appearance.
“That building has been an eyesore for several years, and I can’t believe it’s sat empty for so long,” Harris said. “We just want to invest in our town. Now people aren’t going to be pulling in off of the interstate and seeing a bunch of empty buildings.”
Campbell said that he will be utilizing half of the building’s 8,000 square feet as a liquor store named Drs. Orders 2. He also owns the North Commerce location, and he thinks the new
location will be ideal for people who live in the area as well as the many hotel guests who stay within walking distance.
“There are six hotels right there,” Campbell said. “So when people are pulling in off the interstate and getting a room for the night they can come by and get some drinks for their room.”
Campbell said that the selection of items in the new liquor store will be almost identical to the selection at the North Commerce location. The only difference will be the store layout. The new liquor store will be in one large, open-space room as opposed to the L-shape used at the other location.
Harris said that they do not have any specific plans for the second half of the building but are open to a wide range of uses and possibilities.
“We’re going to be dividing that section into smaller sections available for lease,” Harris said. He noted, however, that they are not opposed to the idea of one business taking up all of the space not utilized by Drs. Orders 2.
Harris said their goal is to have the liquor store open by the end of June.
“The exterior is going to start taking shape in the next week or two,” Harris said. “It’s going to have a clean, modern look.”