A vehicle fire on Sam Noble Parkway created plumes of smoke visible throughout Ardmore on Monday afternoon. 

The fire, which injured no one, started at Coleman Automotive Services in Ardmore when an in-use car crusher ignited for unclear reasons, causing a fire that engulfed two partially-crushed cars at  roughly 3:30 p.m. The three vehicles burned for less than an hour. 

Coleman Automotive Services Owner Robert Coleman said the crusher belongs to Beck-O-Recycling, Inc., a company he’d hired to crush cars.  Ardmore Fire Captain John Henry said it’s still unclear what exactly caused the fire. 

“They were crushing cars, and somewhere in the process something sparked a fire,” Henry said. “Leftover fuel or hydraulic fluid in the machine.”

Firefighters extinguished the crusher, then continued to douse the two crushed cars, bringing down their temperatures gradually.   

“(The crusher) was leaking hydraulic fluid from one end,” Henry said. “It had burnt through the lines and was leaking out the back. We actually had a fire in the back as well.” 

Henry said responding firefighters had to use an especially cautious approach because of the combination of hydraulic fluid and leftover fuel in the cars, which he said contributed to the highly visibly smoke. 

“A lot of times, the hydraulic fluid, the leftover gasoline in the cars, the tires that were in and on the cars, they will put off a really acrid black smoke,” Henry said.