The Depot District was packed Friday evening when crowds flocked downtown for Taste of Ardmore. According to Ardmore Main Street Authority General Manager Jeff DiMiceli, the event raised approximately $25,000 and was one of the best he’s seen.
“It was a great crowd, and there were a lot of young families and younger people,” DiMiceli said. “There was just a good feeling about it from top to bottom.”
He said attendees began showing up a bit earlier than usual this year and most stayed until the very end. In addition to the wide variety of food available, there was plenty to keep everyone occupied.
“We had some new restaurants and food this year. A lot of our Depot District merchants were here and our local nonprofits were well represented.” DiMiceli said, adding that he was happy so many people could see the various services and assistance the organizations provide.
Sun Valley Station was another crowd-pleaser for the evening, and the band’s entire set lasted for more than an hour and a half.
“Everyone responded very well to the band, and (vocalist) Jeff (Hobbs) closed out the set with an acoustic performance by himself,” DiMiceli said. “The crowd seemed to really enjoy that.”
DiMiceli said he thinks the event could not have gone better and pointed out that numerous organizations and individuals contributed to its success.
“We’re very grateful to our presenting sponsor The Chickasaw Nation and all the other sponsors who helped bring this together,” DiMeceli said. “We also had great representation from the police and the sheriff’s department who were here watching and making sure everyone was safe and secure.”
While DiMiceli is unsure of the total number of attendees, he thinks the amount of money raised during the event shows excellent attendance and participation. He said all of the funds will be used to keep AMSA going. This includes office expenses, promotions and new projects.
“Whether directly or indirectly, everything goes to improving the downtown district,” Dimiceli said. “That’s what it’s all about.”