2019 is shaping up to be another stellar year for construction in Ardmore. In the first 90 days of the year, the city has issued building permits for a wide range of projects totaling more than $13.1 million.
Community Development Director Jessica Scott said this number reflects commercial, residential and renovation projects.
“It’s just busy. It’s unbelievably busy,” Scott said. “One of the most impressive things is how much money has been spent in construction in the first three months of the year.”
Scott said some of the most valuable commercial permits issued this year include Academy Sports and Outdoors, Burger King and Dollar General, but she knows of other large projects still to come later in year.
“We just issued the permit for FFO Home this week, and that is going to be a very large building. They should be starting work on that soon,” Scott said. The furniture store will be located west of Academy Sports and Outdoors in the Market Street Center. Scott also said two additional fast food restaurants had expressed interest opening new locations in the Market Street area.
She also expects continued growth along Merrick Drive.
“We just did the plat for the Oklahoma Blood Institute to build over there next to Outdoor Powersports, so I think you’ll be seeing more business growing in that direction,” Scott said.
One area of town not experiencing much growth is the part designated as a Federal Opportunity Zone. Located primarily in the southeast section of the city, new developments in this area could be eligible for substantial tax credits provided they meet certain criteria.
“We’ve had two people who are interested in working in the area,” Scott said. “I thought we’d get a lot more interest with that, but there hasn’t been much so far.”
Overall, however, Scott said the progress in Ardmore is extremely encouraging.
“Everywhere you go, there seems to be construction. When you see people working on a new project, there is a promise for a better tomorrow. It means something better is coming,” Scott said.