LONE GROVE — Passion is contagious and so is the lack of it.

LONE GROVE — Passion is contagious and so is the lack of it.

When it comes to Lone Grove cheerleader Haylee Burris though, there’s no lack of anything in her life, especially passion for the sport of cheer.

In fact, her love for her community and the sport of cheer are two of the driving forces behind what she wants to study and later become after she graduates college with a bachelors and then masters degree.

Well, that and her coaches Kaitlyn and Susie Solley.

“They (Kaitlyn and Susie) are absolutely amazing,” Burris said. “Both of these women hold me to the highest standard possible, and push me to be my best everyday. Kaitlyn has helped me so much with flying and has given me the best advice. They aren’t just coaches, but they are like family to me. I want to be like them someday.”

“I hope to get my bachelors degree at East Central University while majoring in English,” Burris added. “Then I plan to get my masters degree and hopefully come back home to Carter County and become a cheer coach just like Kaitlyn has. She’s inspired me to follow in her footsteps and I hope to be just as amazing as she is one day.”

Burris’ resume certainly speaks for itself not just from a cheer perspective but from an academic one as well.

In May, Burris will be graduating as a member of the Lone Grove High School Class of 2019, where she sits in the top-10 percent of her graduating class with a 3.66 GPA. 

She’s also been concurrently enrolled at Murray State College, where she maintained a 4.0 GPA during the Spring 2018 semester.

Burris is also the Student Council president, and a member of the National Honor Society, and was named the Homecoming Queen for 2018. 

Additionally, she has experience as a member of the Yearbook Staff, as well as the Vocal Music department. 

Academically she has been a three-time member of the Principal’s Honor Roll, as well as being a member of the Superintendent’s Honor Roll. 

As far as cheer is concerned, Burris has more than left her mark on the sport she loves.

During her freshman year she was an Individual Elite All-American Nominee, before being apart of a successful team her junior year, which included winning the Gatorade Team Leadership Award, three Gold Superior Achievement Ribbons, and the Universal Cheerleading Association Camp Champion award. 

This year during her senior year at NCA Camp, she was apart of a team which earned superior ratings for Team Chant, Team Band Dance, and an excellent rating for Team Cheer.

Her and her teammates also were awarded the Herbie Team award, and the Motion Team Technique award, while Burris was nominated for All-American status. 

“It has meant the world to me to be a Lone Grove cheerleader,” Burris said. “I’ve loved every minute of being able to support this school and the community. It’s so much fun seeing how involved everyone gets and how special they try and make this for everyone. Cheer has opened my eyes to so many things and I’m so thankful for this journey.” 

But Burris’ impact hasn’t just been felt in the halls of LGHS or on the Lady Horns cheer team, it’s been felt in the community as well.

Burris has helped teach cheer clinics to young kids in preschool through fifth grade for many years, as well as volunteering at the Ardmore Animal Shelter, the Regional Food Bank, and the Senior Citizen Center in Lone Grove.

She also had a period of job shadowing at the Southern Oklahoma Women’s Health department. 

“School always comes first in my mind, and then everything else follows,” Burris said. “I just try and take things one day and a time, and just pray constantly. Taking things slowly and steadily helps me not get so overwhelmed with everything else going on around me.”