The math lab at the University Center of Southern Oklahoma will bear the name of a professor who helped create it.
The UCSO Board of Trustees dedicated Room 162 to Murray State College instructor Greg Boyd, who passed away in March. Boyd’s family attended the meeting and received a copy of the dedication resolution. Board Vice Chairman Cynthia Jordan addressed attendees, offering condolences to Boyd’s family, colleagues and former and current students.
“In addition to teaching at Murray State College for over two decades, Greg was leading a statewide Math Pathways initiative, pushing for an academic system allowing students to take math courses suited for their specific major,” Jordan said.
She said Boyd, who lived in Ardmore and taught on both campuses, helped design the math classrooms in the center’s new building.
“In his honor, the board would like to acknowledge and memorialize the math lab, one of the rooms that bears his stamp,” Jordan said.
Kirk Rodden, a longtime colleague of Boyd’s, spoke next, describing Boyd as a patient, caring teacher.  
“There was no one more steady on the faculty,” Rodden said. “If Greg said he was going to do something, he’d do it. If he needed to be somewhere, he’d be there early.”
Rodden said Boyd wasn’t just a math scholar in his own right, but worked extra hard to teach math in an approachable, accessible way, and to convince discouraged students they could understand the material.
“He wasn’t the type that thought everybody had to know everything he knew about math,” Rodden said. “He thought everybody needed to know what they needed to know, and not be thrown into the deep end of the pool as many of us were in a college math class.”
The room is now The Greg Boyd Memorial Math Lab.
“He worked with them to the extreme to get them through,” Rodden said.
Boyd started at Murray State College in 1997 and served as division chair of computer science. Boyd was killed in an auto accident on his way to Tishomingo last month.