While she hasn’t been at Oklahoma State University very long, Lone Grove’s Londyn Kozar is certainly making a habit of capturing cheer championships.

While she hasn’t been at Oklahoma State University very long, Lone Grove’s Londyn Kozar is certainly making a habit of capturing cheer championships.

Earlier this month, the former Lady Horns cheer standout added to her collection as she was apart of the Oklahoma State Small Co-Ed squad which claimed the national championship at the NCA Collegiate Cheer Championship, which was held in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The title was the second in just over a year for Kozar and her teammates, who claimed the STUNT National Championship last year, which was the fifth in program history.

“This experience winning at NCA Nationals was quite different than when we won the STUNT national title,” Kozar said. “Winning at NCA Nationals is what small co-ed works all year to achieve. It’s basically like an all-star cheer competition, and we had to compete for two days, including the second day on the bandshell.”

“Getting to perform there was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had,” Kozar added. “After we won we ran into the ocean, which is tradition and we got to sing our alma mater and do our team break down in the ocean together one last time. Actually traveling to Daytona and competing was an experience unlike any other. For us it was a business trip, but we did manage to have a lot of fun and grow closer as a team.”

The only thing tougher and more anxiety filled that the completion the OSU squad had to go through, was waiting for the final results.

In the preliminary round, Oklahoma State registered an overall score of 96.27, but had one point of deductions, which brought them down to 95.27, leaving them with a very slim margin for error in the finals. 

However, Oklahoma State stepped up its game in the finals, posting a 97.40, which was slightly better than the University of Louisville, which finished in second overall with a 97.13 score in the finals.

Oklahoma State’s event percentage of perfection stood at 96.86, while Louisville was at 96.34. 

Other teams which were involved in the competition included North Carolina State University, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Coastal Carolina, Marshall and Arkansas State. 

Now while winning the national title was a great accomplishment for Kozar, she did say there were some differences between preparing for this competition as opposed to STUNT.

“Practices for NCA and STUNT are very different in general,” she said. “It’s mainly because of the fact that they are two different competitions. For NCA we get our routine as soon as we get back from Christmas break and we basically work on adjusting aspects of it until we leave for competition. We also stay in Stillwater during spring break just so we can get more practice time in.” 

As is often the case with successful programs, there’s not much of a rest period after winning. The same holds true for Kozar and her teammates as they are busy preparing to defend their STUNT title in May at the University of Oklahoma in the national competition.

“When we got back from Daytona, we had four days off and then it was right back to practicing for STUNT nationals,” Kozar said. “We’ve still got business to take care of, and once we take care of it, then maybe I’ll have some time to reflect on this success and take it all in.”