LONE GROVE — Experience can often be the best teacher when it comes to life.

LONE GROVE — Experience can often be the best teacher when it comes to life.

For Lone Grove senior Shelbie Weaver, if her experience has taught her anything so far in life, it’s that she has all the ability and strength she needs to be better than her surroundings.

Having dealt with adversity in her personal life for most of her high school career, Weaver found an escape from the pain and heartache through cheer thanks to some members of her family. 

“If it wasn’t for my cousin and my aunt, I know I would have never been exposed to cheer,” Waver said. “I started when I was three years old cheering with them on the sidelines. Whether it was cheering in competitive situations, or cheering for my high school, my cousin was always pushing me and preparing me.”

“My grandmother has been with me throughout all the ups and downs, and has made it financially possible for me to live this dream,” Weaver added. “She encouraged me to to just go out there and give it my all every game, because she always said that it would be over before I knew it.” 

Having grown up in the area rotating between cheering for Fox and Dickson schools, Weaver found her place in Lone Grove as a member of the Lady Horns varsity cheer squad. 

“Being able to be a role model and be passionate about the sport of cheer has been extremely special to me,” Weaver said. “It’s been an honor and a privilege to get to set that positive example for everyone. I have loved every single girl I have cheered with, and I love my coaches so much for everything they have done.”

Weaver has been a three year member of the Lone Grove varsity cheer squad, and has also been involved with FFA and FCCLA during her time in high school. 

She currently has an overall GPA of 3.47 and is ranked No. 17 in her graduating class. 

Weaver has also been able to manage her cheer career while being concurrently enrolled at Murray State College as well as at Southern Tech Center of Ardmore in the Nursing Assistant Program, where she has maintained a 4.0 GPA. 

As for cheer awards, Weaver’s resume speaks for itself on multiple levels.

At the 2018-19 Fall Sports Banquet, she was awarded the “Most Dedicated on the Cheer Team” award, and was also apart of the Lone Grove squad which won the Gatorade Team Leadership award. 

She has also collected three gold superior ribbons, as well as being an All-American nominee, and being apart of the Lone Grove team which was given the Heckle Team award in 2018. 

“I really just looked at cheer as something fun, so I was never stressed about it when it came to juggling other things I had to do outside of it,” Weaver said. “As far as academics, I just worked hard and obviously it’s paid off now. Getting to finish the school week doing what I loved, made me realize all the stress during the week was worth it so I made it happen every week.”

This season, the Lady Horns cheer program was given new leadership with Kaitlyn and Susie Solley, a duo that Weaver said made her senior year absolutely special. 

“When Kaitlyn came in, then we immediately were being coached the right way,” she said. “I had known Susie from her being my coach my freshman year, and I just absolutely adore her. Susie treats everyone like we’re her own, and makes it very special. Our squad immediately became better because of these two ladies, because we got to learn so many new things.”

Shelbie’s future plans are to attend Thomas Nelson Community College in Virgina to earn an associates degree in nursing, before returning home to finish her bachelors degree at Murray State.