Children and parents alike can enjoy a day in the park, and thanks to the new selfie swing installed at Ardmore Regional Park, it will be easier than ever to make memories. Alicia Henry, assistant director at Ardmore Parks and Recreation, described how the swing for two works.
“The adult sits on one side and the toddler sits on the other,” Henry said. “You’re facing each other, and there is a slot in the child’s swing where you can put your phone. Then you can set your timer to take video or photos of your child. What’s so great is it’s up close and you can see their expressions.”
Henry said Director Teresa Ervin first had the idea of bringing the selfie swing to Ardmore a couple of years ago, and the parks department has recently had a few inquiries from citizens who asked about the possibility of getting one installed.
“Since we were already working on it, and we had a couple of people in the community who were interested in it, we decided this was the perfect time to get it installed,” Henry said. She went on to say the swing is a great time for both parties even if nobody is taking any pictures.
“It’s fun because you can actually swing with your baby. It’s fun to push them, but with a typical toddler swing, you don’t get to see their face,” Henry said. “But for you to be face to face with them and be swinging with them is perfect.”
The park installed the swing Monday afternoon and she said the response has already been incredible. Henry said their first social media post describing the new swing has already reached over 10,000 people, and everyone is excited to give it a try.
“We’re super excited about this, and we kind of wanted this one to be the test to see what kind of response we got,” Henry said.
She said because of the swing’s popularity, they will be looking to expand the selfie swings into other Ardmore parks in the near future.