Depot Park is one step closer to becoming a reality. Earlier this week, the Ardmore Main Street Authority submitted the final documents needed for a grant application to the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department. The grant will be a major source of funding for the park and will secure $600,000 if the maximum amount is awarded.
Todd Yeager, chair of the AMSA Board of Trustees, said the OTRD had requested two final documents. The first document was a letter from the State Historic Preservation Office confirming plans for the park will have no adverse effect to the historic property. The other document outlined the appraised value of the land the park will occupy.
“The appraisal was finished two days ago, and we provided that to the tourism department,” Yeager said. The OTDR then uploaded the completed grant into the Land and Water Conservation Fund program run by the U.S. Department of the interior. Yeager said officials told him the results will probably not be released any earlier than July.
“So we’re still a couple months away from actually having any information back, but we don’t have anything left that needs to be submitted,” Yeager said. “Now we’re just waiting on the government to go through their process.”
Yeager said all funds provided by the grant must be matched by funds from the organization. He added the fundraising effort on behalf of the AMSA is off to a good start so far.
With or without the grant money, Yeager said Depot Park will move ahead. Construction is projected to begin later this spring.
“The estimated start date for the plaza around the train and the parking lot on the north end is going to be around the first of June,” Yeager said. The construction will be part of the second phase of the streetscape project which will be handled by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.
“It’s going to be exciting to actually see some development going on at the park and everything beginning to take shape,” Yeager said.