Plainview Primary Elementary has been named a Great Expectations Model School for the 16th year in a row. The school hosted a special assembly with local and state officials to celebrate the achievement on Friday morning.

The Great Expectations program encourages critical thinking skills, communication, and citizenship. Plainview Primary Elementary Principal Lisa Moore commended the students and teachers for all of the work it took to receive the award.

“I want you all to be very proud of yourselves because you guys have worked very hard this year and will continue very strong to the end of the year,” Moore said.

Mayor Sheryl Ellis presented a proclamation to the school that declared Friday, April 26 to be Plainview Primary Day in the City of Ardmore. Rep. Tammy Townley was also at the event and she presented the school with a special citation from the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

“I’m very proud of each and every one of you guys because I know that you have worked very hard to help Plainview Primary succeed,” Townley said.

ReGina Farquhar, state Great Expectations Mentor, presented the school with a new flag that displays the school’s model status. Farquhar has been at all 16 of the assemblies held in honor of the school’s model status, She commented that over the course of the last 16 years she has seen various mayors, representatives, and superintendents come and go, but the school’s teaching methods have been consistent.

“I’ve examined and I’ve looked at the way your teachers are teaching,” Farquhar said. “I know that your students are engaged. I know your students are learning communications skills.”