After six months of delays caused by substantial rainfall, phase one of the Streetscape Project is set to achieve substantial completion this week — as long as forecasted storms do not interfere with the final touches.
Assistant City Manager Kevin Boatright gave a brief update on the work that has recently been completed.
“The asphalt was completed last week and I think it looks really good. I also believe all of the signage has also been installed,” Boatright said. He added that Caddo is now open for traffic, and the dedicated unloading zone for light truck deliveries is clearly marked.
“This is just to the east of Mill Street before Caddo,” Boatright said. “This was done at the request of the citizens and merchants who have a lot of UPS and FedEx deliveries and requested a space for them to park.”
Boatright said the large planters and tree beds have been installed.
“As of this morning (Monday), they were finishing up putting in the top soil in the planters and the beds. Most of them are done, but a few still needed some,” Boatright said. “If the rain holds off, either this week or next week at the latest, they are going to start planting all of the trees in the tree wells. This is really going to change the look of East Main and Caddo.”
Boatright said the city will begin its substantial completion review this morning to make sure the work completed is satisfactory.
“Basically we’re going to go through and have a look at the entire project, make note of any deficiencies, find if there is anything that hasn’t been done, or if anything hasn’t been completed as it should have been,” Boatright said.
Boatright said the items found will then go into a punch list for the contractor to complete. After receiving the punch list, the contractor will have approximately 30 days to complete everything on the list before receiving final payment.
Boatright said that he has recently received several compliments from commissioners, merchants and the public about the project.
“I’ve had a lot of positive feedback in the last three weeks or so from the merchants and business owners because now they can see the light at the end of the tunnel.” Boatright said. “Now we’re all ready to see the designs go into practice.”
Boatright said East Main Street should be completely open for two way traffic as soon as next week.