As storms continue to inundate Southern Oklahoma many area roads are currently experiencing flooding. As of presstime some area roads have already been closed and more closures are expected as the rain continues.
Carter County Commissioner for District One, Joe McReynolds, said that as of presstime the only road closure in his district is along Hereford Road.
“I’ve got some flooding but no road closures except for Hereford Road at the low water crossing,” McReynolds said. “But I’m sure the creeks are fixing to come up more, and if that’s the case I’ll probably be closing Mt. Washington. It’s not there yet, but the waters are rising.”
McReynolds urged drivers to be mindful of the conditions on all area roads.
“We have a lot of areas where the water is spilling onto the roads,” McReynolds said. “People need to be cautious of hydroplaning.”
Jerry Alvord, commissioner for District Three, said some roads are already out in his district and crews are busy putting up signs.
“We know there is flooding on Meridian towards Newport,” Alvord said. “A lot of that flooding is in the Lone Grove City District.”
Alvord also warned that the construction area along County Line Road, west of I-35, is flooding because there is more water than the drainage can handle. He also said that a portion of Hedges Road is currently closed.
“We know that the south end of Hedges has flooded. The dirt has washed out part of the construction area,” Alvord said. He added that the north end of Hedges Road is currently open.
“Those are just the reports we’ve got so far. However, if these storms continue there is going to be road flooding in a lot of places and people are just going to have to be careful,” Alvord said. “But we’re ready and we’ve got our signs ready to go.
Bill Baker, commissioner for District Two, said they were still assessing conditions as of presstime. He noted that crews would be out making any closures needed.
Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant said that they have not had to do any water rescues with this round of storms, but he stressed the importance of staying vigilant.
“Roadways are flooding and have been flooded. We don’t want people driving in high standing water. Please divert and go around,” Bryant said.