It is spring time in southern Oklahoma, which means severe weather can pop up at any moment.
The National Weather Center in Norman said 13-15 tornadoes spawned across the state on Tuesday.
Meteorologist Forrest Mitchell said survey crews were scattered across the state assessing damage from the storms, and could not confirm the size of Tuesday’s tornadoes or how much damage was done.
With rain in the forecast for the next several days, Mitchell said always be prepared during spring.
“Currently there is a marginal risk for severe thunderstorm activity,” Mitchell said. “ Whether or not that risk will be there tomorrow will be highly dependent on how the current storms affect the atmosphere. I am not seeing any additional potential for severe weather beyond tomorrow.  Of course it is spring time in Oklahoma and the weather can rapidly change.”
In Jefferson County on Wednesday, a tornado touched down north of Hastings Lake, but dissipated quickly. Jefferson County officials said there was minor flooding on county roads and drivers should take precautions.
As of presstime Wednesday, Love County had two roads  closed, with Marsden Road in Overbook and Highway 96 in Burneyville shut down due to flooding.
Love County Emergency Management Director AshLeigh Gilliam said high winds in the area caused a double-wide construction trailer to be blown over in Jimtown, near Burneyville. Additionally, several power lines were down due to the high winds.
Carter County Emergency Management Director Paul Tucker said South Hedges Road at County Line Road south of Ardmore had confirmed flooding damage due to Wednesday’s storm, as well as flooding in the Ratliff City-Fox area of the county.
“We have not had any reports confirmed of any tornado touchdowns,” Tucker said. “Largest sized hail reported was a quarter.”
Tucker also said no areas were damaged in the area from Tuesday’s storm.
Lake Murray State Park Ranger Clayton Johnson said Scenic 77  at the Lake Murray spillway was closed for safety reasons on Wednesday as the storms made crossing unsafe.
“The parks will open,” Johnson said. “We just have that section of the road closed right there so nobody’s vehicle gets swept off.”
Johnson said the road is expected to be closed for some time as the lake water continues to rise from the rain.
Johnson also added the park was still assessing damage, but could not confirm that the storm had caused any damage at the park.
Currently, park rangers are speaking to campers about safety concerns and helping to  advise the lodge.
“We are forecasted storms the next couple of days,” Johnson said. “We don’t have any flooding right now, but the lake is coming up so that could change.”
Murray County had a confirmed tornado touchdown in Sulphur on Tuesday, but no damage was reported.
Murray County Emergency Management Director Mark Woodell said he was unable to predict what would happen the rest of the week, but he is always prepared.
“We always expect tornadoes, that’s all I can tell you,” Waddell said. “We haven’t had any today, knock on wood, but the day is not over yet.”
Woodall said the rivers and creek water levels have risen due to the rain, but no major flooding had been reported in the area.
“Sulphur has had to shutdown their low-water bridges,” Woodell said. “ Other than that it’s just been normal flooding with the rain.”
No damage was reported to Woodell from Wednesday’s storms but with the amount of rainfall he is keeping his eyes open.
“There wasn’t any damage, but we might have some with this flooding since it is supposed to rain all night,” Woodell said. “ We will just kind of have to keep our eyes on it.”