LONE GROVE— With the sun hidden behind the clouds on Saturday, smiles from all around Sullivan Park in Lone Grove were there to brighten the day.
The annual Lone Grove Days continued Saturday, bringing the community together for town camaraderie and good times.
The Kiwanis Club of Lone Grove sponsored the event, with the proceeds benefiting the club’s charity work within the community.
Kiwanis President Jeff Miller has attended Lone Grove Days for the last 20 years and is pleased with the community’s continued generosity.
“You could say it is one of Lone Grove’s premier social events,” Miller said. “I think it is a big deal, and the Kiwanis get visibility for what we do. At the band stand you have local school talent and  most of the vendors are local. Really, it is about your local people getting together and seeing each other.”
The Kiwanis Club is an international organization which helps children worldwide, as well as adults. They buy coats, school supplies, and glasses for children, helping those in need in their community and beyond.
“I enjoy the socializing with my friends and people that I know,” Miller said. “Seeing some old acquaintances and renewing old stories and stuff and they are well aware of where the money goes and they are happy to give.”
Throughout Friday and Saturday, everyone in the community can partake in a different activity. From car shows to wiener dog races or three-on-three basketball tournaments to youth baseball games, families can come to Lone Grove Days and have  different activities to enjoy.
Kiwanis Secretary Holly Dunn has been with the club for 15 years and has been attending Lone Grove Days just as long. Dunn also has an important role with the festival. She is in charge of the Little Miss Lone Grove program.
Little Miss Lone Grove and Princess Lone Grove is a contest where students sell raffle tickets for $1 a piece, with prizes ranging from $200 gift cards from local merchants to Visa gift cards.
This year’s Miss Lone Grove is Stevie Wolfe and Princess is Juliana Kruger.
“The donations help fund our food baskets, angel tree, scholarships for seniors and Easter,” Dunn said. “We also support the Builders Club and Key Club of Lone Grove. Because the Kiwanis is all about the kids in the community, it is good to help the kids in the community.”
One local vendor, the Lone Grove Blessed Dads organization, raffled off Oklahoma lifetime hunting and fishing licenses to participants.
Lone Grove resident Garry Northrup —  a member of Blessed Dads, a group of dads that go to different schools in the area to encourages  kids — said all of the proceeds of the hunting and fishing license raffle go to scholarships for seniors at Lone Grove High School.
Being a part of something which helps kids is something Northrup is proud to to be involved in.
“It is great being a small community, seeing everyone come together and meet and greet each other and just be a part of a solid community,” Northrup said. “Larger communities you don’t really get that option to do.”
For anyone looking to spend a weekend interacting with their neighbors in the community, there is no better opportunity than those provided by community festivals like Lone Grove Days .
“This is a great community event to get out and meet new people,” Northrup said. “There is something for everybody out here at Lone Grove Days.”