A few changes took place during the Ardmore Board of Commissioners meeting Monday evening. The board now has a new member, and current members are taking on new roles.

The meeting began with the swearing in of Beth Windel to serve as commissioner for Ardmore’s northwest ward. Windel’s addition marks the first time two women have served on the city’s board simultaneously.

The commissioners then unanimously elected John Moore to serve as the Mayor of Ardmore for the next year. Doug Pfau was unanimously elected vice-mayor.

Mayor Moore’s first official job in office was the presentation of a plaque to former Vice-Mayor Keith King for his years of service. King did not run for reelection.

“You’ve been a great addition to this commission,” Moore said. “Keith has always been a part of this commission that we can count on. Even in tough situations, we could always count on him to stand up and say whatever needed to be said.”

Moore then made a presentation to outgoing Mayor Sheryl Ellis commemorating her year in office.

“Sheryl’s been a great addition to this commission for so many years,” Moore said. He added that if Ellis has looked at something, you always know everything is correct. 

“Every t has been crossed and every i has been dotted, and that’s why we appreciate you,” Moore said. “We want you to keep doing everything you do.

Ellis, who will now take her place as commissioner for the southeast ward of Ardmore, briefly spoke about her year in office.

“I want to tell everyone thank you - the commissioners, (City Manager) J.D (Spohn), city staff, and (Administrative Assistant) Lori (Linney) for keeping me on track,” Ellis said. “As board members we implement policy, but they actually do the work.

“Power does not lie in one. It lies in the body of the commission. I think we’ve accomplished a lot this year,” Ellis said .She mentioned the new shopping centers, the upcoming Clubhouse at Regional Park, the streetscape improvements, and the new fire station. “Economics are rolling, and we’re just getting started.”