Sometime near the end of the summer, Southwest Park will be getting a new restroom facility. The city commissioners voted to approve the new bathrooms during a Monday night meeting.
Ardmore Parks and Recreation Director Teresa Ervin said the entire structure is going to be built offsite then installed as a unit. The construction process will take approximately 90 to 120 days, and once completed the building will have a stone exterior, separate facilities for men and women and a drinking fountain.
Ervin told commissioners the park has been extremely popular and the most requested addition is a restroom.
“Southwest Park has a large number of visitors and it is used for many recreational activities. When we built that park we had no idea how busy it would be, but it is highly visited,” Ervin said. “The most requested feature is a restroom facility, and everybody has been asking about it for some time now.”
Ervin said the building will be located to the northeast of the splash pad, and the city will install sidewalks connecting it to the splash pad and the pavilion once the structure is in place.
The total structure will cost just over $105,000, but the city itself will only be providing just over $55,000. The additional funding will come from a donation from the Jerome Westheimer Family Foundation.
“We have received a commitment of a generous donation from the Westheimer Foundation in the amount of $50,000,” Ervin said. She added the city’s portion of the cost will come from funds specifically set aside for Southwest Park.
Before making a motion to approve the purchase, Commissioner Sheryl Ellis said one of the best features of Southwest Park is the support it receives from the neighborhood.
“Southwest Park has been a success in that the neighbors and the neighborhood have truly bought into it. They have helped grow it, take care of it, and in general see to it.”