Centrally located between Oklahoma City and Dallas/Fort worth, southern Oklahoma is considered by some to be the Mecca of the equestrian world.
At the Hardy Murphy Coliseum, horse trainers from around the area, and riders from around the country, test their mettle at various riding events throughout the year, before heading to nationals in Fort Worth.
Jaimie Phillips, a horse trainer for youth and non-pro clients in Chickasha, has spent the last 32 years training horses. Events held at the coliseum act as the best way for trainers in the area to show off their riders and all the work they’ve done with their horses,
“This is an event that is welcome to any trainer, but primarily it is for Oklahoma and Texas trainers,” Hills said during Saturday’s Dal-Worth Spring Spectacular Appaloosa Show.  “The trainers are here with their clientele that came in from all over the United States. A lot of the top trainers in the AQHA, APHA and APHC associations, a lot of the great trainers are in Texas and Oklahoma.”
One rider —  who flew in this weekend to watch her horse perform — is Lori Girrbach. Girrbach  is making her third visit to
Ardmore. She flew in from Michigan to partake in the events this weekend at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum.
“We have a lot for shows in Michigan, too, but I would say it (horse riding) is bigger down here,” Girrbach said. “I like Ardmore a lot, it is a bigger community, there isn’t as many big horse farms in Michigan so that is really cool.”
During show season, riders like Girrbach frequent the Ardmore area and spend a lot of time at the coliseum.
One mainstay during the show season is Taylor Broyles from Edmond.  Broyles is a member of the Dal-Worth Club, an affiliate of the Appaloosa Horse Club. Broyles helps the judges at the events at Hardy Murphy.
Broyles and her family have been around horses her entire life, and has known of the Ardmore area as a prime area for horses.
The Dal-Worth Club comes to Ardmore four to five times a year, including the Appaloosa Congress which is the second largest event behind the nationals and world shows.
“Ardmore is a centralized area for the Oklahoma and Texas people, and Hardy Murphy is a really nice facility,” Broyles said. “This a really nice facility for the area, and it is pretty high-end. Ardmore is great because I really like how convenient everything is.