With all of the changes taking place downtown, the smaller details can easily be lost within the big picture. One such detail is a parking space reserved for veterans injured in the line of duty.

Located on the south side of East Main Street between Washington and Mill Street, Assistant City Manager Kevin Boatright said the city got the idea from one of the downtown merchants.

“At the very beginning of our streetscape project [they] brought in an article about another city in Oklahoma that had put up the sign after they done some work on their downtown,” Boatright said. “[They] asked me if this would be something that would be a good idea for our streetscape project, and I told [them] I thought it would be a great idea.”

Boatright said he did some internet research and found out Wounded Warriors Family Support was the organization behind the parking spaces. The organization focuses on supporting the families of soldiers who have been injured or killed in the line of duty.

He said he emailed back and forth with the organization and made a small donation in order to receive the sign.

“We think it’s a great way for us to give back to the veterans in our community, and hopefully this will make it a bit easier for them to come out and enjoy our downtown businesses,” Boatright said. 

Boatright said any wounded veteran is welcome to utilize the parking space. Because not all wounded veterans have disabled parking stickers or special tags, no identification will be required to park there. It will nstead utilize the honor system to help ensure those deserving get the space.