One young Marietta man is alive today thanks to the quick action of Marietta Police Chief Dustin Scott. In the early hours of April 23, Scott pulled him from a vehicle stopped on the train tracks mere seconds before an oncoming train struck the vehicle. Marietta Mayor Kimberly Fraire presented Scott with a certificate and plaque commemorating his heroism before explaining how the event transpired.
“He happened to see a vehicle on the train tracks that had rolled into a (stopped) train,” Frair said. “He realized a second train was coming and he jumped into action.”
Fraire said the young man was intoxicated and fought Scott every step of the way while he was being pulled from the vehicle.
“He put his life in danger to get this young man,” Fraire said. She said the young man in question happened to be about the same age as Scott’s oldest son. In fact, the two went to school together at one point.
Fraire said Scott went to the Oklahoma Capitol last week where he was recognized on the House floor and said she is also recommending him to the Police Chiefs Association for other medals and acts of heroism. She said that Scott, who also works as city administrator, is a crucial part of Marietta’s success.
“Thank you for your service and for your contributions to this city. Without you we would not be growing as we are, and we would not be as safe as we are,” Fraire said.
Scott thanked her for the award before adding that all police officers save lives on a regular basis.
“There are many in our department who have saved lives as well, and I ask you to recognize that,” Scott said, before explaining ways to recognize the number of lives they have saved.
“When you see them in their uniforms they’ll have epaulet covers that have numbers on them,” Scott said. “The red ones are the lives that are saved. You’ll notice they’re on a lot of our officers.”
He said actions like his come with the territory in police work.
“I couldn’t accept this without telling you that there are many others who have done the exact same thing. They put themselves in harm’s way every single day to protect the citizens of the city,” Scott said. “Thank you and I’m pleased to recognize them as well.”