The Oklahoma Main Street Center recently recognized one downtown Ardmore business for the outstanding work that went into the restoration of its historic building. During the 30th Annual Main Street Awards Banquet earlier this month, Blake Bush Family Eye Care received the award for best interior design.
Dr. Bush said the building had unlimited potential when he first bought it.
“It was a bit rundown, but it was mostly empty. It wasn’t really in bad shape, but it wasn’t in good shape either,” Bush said. “But it was a good structure, kind of like a blank canvas.”
Bush said while he wanted to modernize the structure to suit his needs, he did not want to take away from the building’s historic charm. He hired SDG Architects to synthesize the two elements
Tayler Thompson, senior project coordinator for SDG Architects, described the process of creating the new space.
“When we first met with Blake, he went over a few of the different styles that he liked about eyewear boutiques in other locations,” Thompson said. “He also wanted the design to incorporate a more modern feel, but he also wanted to maintain the building’s character.”
This award proves they struck the right balance, and Thompson said they were honored to receive the recognition.
“(Principal Architect) Beth (Windel) and I really enjoyed working on the project, and this is one of our first awards,” Thompson said. “It’s especially exciting because it’s right here in our hometown.”
Thompson said the eyewear displays are her favorite element of the design.
“That was one of the biggest features of the building. We worked alongside Blake and our builder to custom weld the casings to create shadow boxes that highlight the eyewear,” Thompson said. “We wanted it to feel like a high-end boutique store like you would find in a larger city like Tulsa or Dallas.”
Other major features of the design include a high ceiling done in white tin ceiling tiles, and an extremely large skylight original to the structure.
“I really wanted the skylight to be showcased,” Bush said. “When you walk in your eye is immediately drawn right there.”
Bush said in addition to all the wonderful design elements, he especially enjoys the large space.
“Our old office was probably 1,500 square feet, and our new work area is probably three times that size,” Bush said. He also likes the downtown location. “Downtown has momentum and it’s growing.”
And with an award winning interior design, Bush Family Eye Care helps contribute to that growth.