Jim’s Sports Cards held its 16th annual card show on Saturday, with several Oklahoma Sooner sports legends in attendance.

Jim’s Sports Cards held its 16th annual card show on Saturday, with several Oklahoma Sooner sports legends in attendance.

Fans of Sooners football and softball were able to meet former players J.D. Runnels, Teddy Lehman, Atonio Perkins, Chana’e Jones and Lauren Chamberlin.

The event is put on Jim Anthony every year as a way for fans to not only meet some of their favorite players, but to shop for other memorabilia as well. 

Anthony has been in memorabilia business for 25 years, and the passion continues to grow with each event. 

“A friend of mine invited me to a show in Oklahoma City and I went there and I said you know that is pretty fun and that is pretty cool,” Anthony said. “Back when I was younger, you would go to these autograph signings and you would have to pay, so I decided when I started to do this I said ‘I am going to put a show on where it doesn’t cost anything to get in and it doesn’t cost anything for the autographs.’”

The first athlete to emerge on scene was Lehman. 

Sooner fans may remember from his playing days as a two time All-American and a Dick Butkus award winner for best college linebacker. Lehman was a member of the undefeated 2000 national championship team.

“It is fun and it is cool to interact with the fans,” Lehman said. “You get a wide range of guys who watched Oklahoma all their lives. There are guys who are really tied into the university and then you got the kids which is cool to see them interacting with the older players. You will see their dad say ‘I was watching when he made this play in whatever game’ and it is introducing the kids to some of the history.”

Lehman currently does radio analysis during Sooner football games.

Another Sooner legend to make an appearance was the former fullback Runnels. Runnels was a member of the Sooners program from 2002 to 2005. Fans of the Ardmore Tigers may also remember Runnels from his days at Carl Albert High School, where he won three consecutive titles in class 5A.

“I have a lot of respect for Ardmore,” Runnels said. “It is cool seeing people want my autograph and recognize me. I work with a lot of kids now, just staying in football  and having a son in football it is a cool feeling.”

Runnels still is heavily involved with the Sooner program, as he can be seen on the sidelines of every Sooner home game.

Anthony sees no signs of stopping the event, as participation continues to grow. 

“It is fun, I have raised four kids doing this,” Anthony said. “It is just a family deal, we are not some big conglomerate, we are just four or five people getting together here in town and a couple of people from Oklahoma City and we put this together every year.”