May is often a very busy month for parents, and most adults in general.
Most people spend the month scrambling from event to event, making sure to attend various milestones like graduations and award ceremonies as well as a number of other events.
During this month, animal adoptions tend to be pushed to the back burner while the birth of animals soon to be put up for adoption continues its steady progress.
“We’ve taken in 344 animals since the start of May,” Kasey Reteria, Ardmore Animal Care director, said. “In that same time we have only had 95 adopted.”
Renteria said the shelter receives on average between 300 to 500 animals per month, while only rehoming, on average, 204 a month. The shelter only has capacity for 100 dogs and 40 cats at any given time, with only a little wiggle room depending on the animals.
“We can comfortably house that many, but that varies on their size and temperament,” Renteria said. “If you run out of room, you don’t want to house them in unsanitary or unsafe conditions.”
To combat the overcrowding, the shelter seeks volunteers to help foster and transport the animals to areas further north in need of adoptable pets - efforts they encourage others to assist with. Volunteers can contribute their time and money to this endeavor by calling 580-223-7070.
Relocating animals to other shelters in areas of greater need allows the shelter to avoid euthanizing animals.
Other efforts implemented to cut down on the need for euthanasia include the shelter’s spay and neuter clinic. The clinic is open every Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., though Renteria said they tend to stay busy, often requiring an appointment, which can be arranged by calling 580-465-6642.
Renteria said the shelter is always in need of donations, including food and cleaning supplies, money or just an individual’s time. As such, the shelter will host a fundraiser over Memorial Day weekend. Both car and dog washes will be available, as well as a bake sale. Renteria said donated baked goods are welcome, as well as extra hands to do the washing.