A 2-month long investigation concluded with an Ardmore resident being apprehended on  two complaints of aggravated possession and distribution of child pornography early Tuesday morning.
Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant said 45-year-old Timothy Edward Barnett was allegedly in possession of more than $10,000 in electronic equipment containing approximately 100,000 images.
“It was very graphic child pornography,” Bryant said.
The Ardmore Police Department had been following Barnett with help from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics two months prior to the arrest in an attempt to find his exact location, Bryant said.
Police found Barnett located in the 3400 block of N Commerce and executed a search warrant shortly after.
Bryant said the investigation is still ongoing. However, depending on where the files are from and where he was sending them, Barnett may face more charges.
Bryant said he urges anyone who might know of any similar activity  to contact their local law enforcement or the sheriff’s office at 580-223-6014.
“We will find you,” Bryant said. “This is not tolerated— these kids are our future and we need to protect our children and we need to protect these young people.”