Ardmore Industrial Airpark continues to grow. During a Monday afternoon meeting, the board voted to approve a lease for a new company and to engage the services of the Center for Economic Development Law to help guide further development.

The new lease will be a two-year contract with ATS Worldwide LLC. ADA CEO Mita Bates explained the work they will be doing.

“ATS is a company that’s developing new technology for towing aircraft,” Bates said. She said they will be using the land south of Taxiway Delta for research and development to test their equipment. This land has not been in use in several years, and she added that while only two or three people will be working at the site, it is an exciting opportunity.

“This is very exciting technology and OSU has been working with them to develop this,” Bates said. She pointed out many new visitors will be coming to the airpark to see demonstrations of the new equipment. 

“I think they’ll be a nice compliment to the things we’re working to bring you,” Bates said.

The board also voted to enter into an agreement with the Center for Economic Development Law for legal services. Bates said the center has done work with the ADA in the past.

“They actually helped us craft some of the initial documents for the development of the airpark,” Bates said. “As we continue to entertain opportunities for additional development at the airpark it has become evident that we need to re-engage someone who is familiar with the situation and have them do some work with us for further development.”

She added that both the city attorney and the attorney for the ADA recommended the ADA enter this agreement, which can be terminated by either party at any time.